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Tonight Amherst Youth Hockey held it's annual meeting where several awards were given out.


Heinz Maier Scholarship - Ben Sanders

John Cavagnaro Memorial Award - Ryan Mitchell (not pictured)

Travel Coach of the year - Tim DiGiulio

House Coach of the year - Anthony Kroese

Amherst Youth Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee - Marc Rosenthal


2019 Spring Hockey


Our spring program is 8 weeks straight of "fun" hockey. We play on Sunday except for Memorial Day and Mother's Day; on those Sunday's we will play a day during the week. The registration fee includes all 8 games and a jersey. The program runs during the months of May and June.


To register click this link here 2019 Spring Hockey


2018-2019 Coaches Ice


Amherst Youth Hockey’s Coaches Ice is back. This is your opportunity to play pick-up games and show off your skills or lack thereof to your fellow coaches. The pickup games with no refs are open to all Head and Assistant Coaches, Board Members and former AYH Coaches. All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. We break up into white and dark teams and wear full equipment. There is no checking, but plenty of chirping. You will get the opportunity to talk hockey with current Coaches, AYH Hall of Fame Members and a bunch of other wanna bees and has beens.

We have ice time twice per week and the schedule is set through early March 2019. If you are currently affiliated with AYH, you can sign up to play both nights for the whole season for $400, 1 night per week for $250, or if you want to try it or just play occasionally, it is $15 per skate. Rates are higher for alums. New guys and gals are especially welcome and are crucial to keep these skates vibrant. If you need more information, contact Dave Silverberg 870-4460. Send him an email @ AYHPresident@gmail.com to be added to his distribution list. The schedule is basically every Monday and Wednesday night at 10:10 for an hour and it will be posted on the AYH website www.amherstyouthhockey.org

See you in the locker room and on the ice Monday and/or Wednesday nights.


2018-2019 Coaches Ice Schedule




AYH Coaches Ice is looking for some more Goaltenders for our Monday and Wednesday night pick up games at 10:10 at Northtown.  If interested contact Dave Silverberg at either 870-4460 or at    

by posted 10/18/2016
AYH House Schedules

Looking to find AND PRINT your House Team Ice Schedule?

1) Click on the Team tab at the top of the page.

2) Use the drop down arrows in the middle of the page to select your "League", then "Team".

3) Each House Team practice and game schedule is listed on the individual Teams Home page.

4) A NEW Printable House Ice Schedule is now available on each Teams Home page also!

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Amherst Center Scoreboard Operation Instructions

Want to help out at the next game?  Click HERE to obtain the Scoreboard Instructions sheet.

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Amherst Youth Hockey contact info:

Mailing Address: PO Box 411

         Williamsville, NY 14231

Phone Number: (716) 631-0850

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